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Friday, 20 April 2012

Wild Spring Flowers

Well for all you Gardeners and lovers of Flowers here is a brief resume of Spring Flowers currently around in Yorkshire this early Spring. As the season progresses we will look at the many insects dependent on these such as Hoverflies and other bugs .

Marsh Marigold 7761 BAC9XF

                                Marsh Marigold
Colts Foot 7328

Coltsfoot Tussilago farafara - A plant of trampled and waste places

Wood Sorrel 8120 BAD7AA

Wood Sorrel and the delcate purple flower veins

Bluebell 20676

And of Course Bluebells the most fragrant and familiar of all our early woodland flowers

Daffodil 34127

A Splash of colour after a drab winter The Daffodil

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