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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Apolygus spinolae - A Capsid Bug

Apolygus spinolae A Capsid Bug Miridae

Apolygus spinolae 31986

Apolygus spinolae 31989

Apolygus spinolae 31988xx

Length 5- 6 mm

Phenology Adult: June-September


The Genus Apolygus generally oval pronotom may have dark green marks and overall base colour paler than A. lucorum although this one appears darker than normal

Pale Brown Tibial Spines do not arise from dark basal area

Black tip to cunneus Differientiate Apolygus spinolae from A. lucorum

2nd antennal segment is generally shorter than the width of the base of  pronotum

Host Plants

A varied number of hedgrow plants  creeping thistle, meadowsweet, nettle, bog-myrtle and notably  bramble

Similar Species 

Apolygus lucorum , Lyocoris pabulosa.

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VC 63 Distribution  Please Allow Time to Load

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