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Thursday, 22 January 2015


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This is a large build site which is ongoing  which encompasses many of the main categories of UK Flora and fauna which are continually added to. The site is being currently updated as a result of a number of servers becoming inactiive and causing broken links . It is hoped it willl provide a valuable source of Natural History  information and images

It has a large number of relevant categories Diptera Hymenoptera Fungi Heteroptera Homoptera Beetles British Wild Flowers Fungi Galls Ferns Birds and much much more

Each main Category has a Matrix for each sub category For example Diptera has a Family Matrix accessing species in each of the major  Families Such as the Syrphidae Hoverflies Muscidae -House / Stable flies Dolichopodidae - Long Legged Flies, Rhagonidae -

There is , where possible imaging accompanied by a  species account for a large number of UK Species

Particularly well completed sections include To Ladybirds , Shieldbugs and Hoverflies .This is an ongoing and never ending project which is updated regularly