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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Spring Stirrings 2015

At this quiet time of year it gives opportunities to focus on things like Ferns Lichens and other botanicals often overlooked in the fling of Spring and Summer   yesterdays visit shows some nice stands of Harts Tongue Fern  Asplenium scolopendrium  also visible are the many foliose lichens on Trees visible now without the Tree Canopy and other Lichens on Stone All the usual candidates where present on the Bird feeders Jay,Bullfinch , Blue Tit, Robin and Great Tit Sh




Also found on a Birch Stand this Pincushion Moss Ulota needing summer Capsules to differentiate between the two possibilities Crisped/Bruch’s Pincushion



Moss 0532

Two Others Lichen and Common Wall Moss TBC


Common Wall  Moss around the drystone walls Kindbergia praelonga

Moss Bryophyte

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