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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Black and White Hairstreaks

Black letter Top  White Letter Bottom. Visit to Glapthorn Cow Pastures  on Thurs 25th June 2015 Yielded the elusive Black Hairstreak The Black Hairstreak is one of our rarest butterflies and one of the most recently discovered. It is a sedentary and elusive butterfly of old Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) scrub in woodland or on, or adjacent to, woodland edges.. Interesting to note the angluar presentation to do with aligmnent to the sun on Southern slope aspects so it it can temprature regulate ( AM )

There is a good comparitive article here on the differential characteristics Black versus White Hairstreak

Seen Also on the Visit Blood Vein Moth, Banded Damsel, Cinnabar and Swarming Green Oak Tortrix

Black Hairstreak 9127

White Hairstreak 39803

National Distribution Please Allow Time to Load .

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