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Cromwell Bottom LNR

Finds on the reserve throughout the year.   BTO Video Clip 


1. Failure to adopt advice on  access to riverside via bund areas for purpose of conservation, overuse , disturbance of potential nesting water birds

2. Specific concerns on Nationally scarce plants & Bryophytes and Woodland Carr areas regarding recognition and retention of |Grey Willow  ( RLW  &  BN )

3. Clear affirmation and recognition of  of Stakeholder Groups on CB LNR  with equity and parity in the future development of the reserve and with a view to representing the conservation interests of the reserve

4.Tree cutting and undergrowth clearance in breeding season and outside sanction of full committee with potential disturbance to nesting birds

5. Delay in designating dedicated conservation areas a, measures and specific habitat Mosaic into a working management strategy


1. Revisiting early Coleoptera Work to provide longitudinal data on habitat management

2. Adding significantly to Hymenoptera  (70+ )  Apidae ( 25 spp ) and Diptera records (160 +)

3. Utilising Indicator Species as Biodiversity measures . Hoverflies  Shieldbugs , Beetles et al

4. Plant Galls & Rusts throughout the reserve

5.Acquire Neglected Records Collembola (Springtails) , Lichens, Bryophytes

5. Plans for Field Base in conjunction with the Canal & River Trust in regard to CB LNR being one of eight Phase 1 Biodiversity recording sites ( and opening local FEET membership )

6. Final report to Natural England regarding upgrading from LNR to SSI

7.  Enhance Educational Delivery ( See current EVENTS )



It is within some concern that I address the issue of developing the Nature reserve as a whole in my capacity as Diretor of FEET - The Freshwater Environment Ecology Trust. and also as a trustee Advisor to CBWG

FEET are an independent body which have clear  interests of Conservation and Wildlife and are somewhat concerned by the game of politics that are unfolding regarding the availability of grant funding and how this portion of land is restored

Many Members and members of the Public are unaware that the large ammount of work occurring on the North Loop relates to capping off  of the other landfill site on this River Loop known as North loop. This is being done for a number of reasons and takes off any gases that such Rubbish may generate as it degrades

It appears , that Calderdale seek to develop the North loop in two distinct parts dependent on what funding streams can be accessed , not necessarily on the best ecological assessment or interests of Wildlife or Conservation, although in fairness . some restrictions will derive from the EA

North Loop

F.E,E.T    http://feetworks.blogspot.co.uk/

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