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Friday, 18 July 2014

A Grassland Mirid - Capsus ater

A Grassland Mirid  - Capsus ater

Capsus ater 31167xx

Capsus ater 31179

Capsus ater 31184

Phenology : Adult June-September

Length 5-6 mm


It is a grassland species associated with Gramineae. It differs from other Capsid   bug in its feeding habit  , and feeds lower  down on the stems, as opposed to the  flower spikes and developing grains which is the usual feeding area 

Key Identification Factors 
  • A Black Capsid Bug oval in form with black forewings 
  • The 2nd antennal segment is swollen at its distal end  The widest extent of the 2 nd Anttennal segment is more than  twice as broad as its  narrowest point
  • Adult  head and pronotum   may vary in colour from rusty brown to black ish

Nymphs   are purple-brown.

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