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Friday, 18 July 2014

Hairy Tare Vicia hirsuita

Hairy Tare Vicia hirsuita

Hairy Tare 31095

Hairy Tare 31083

Hairy Tare 31099

Hairy Tare 31089


Short to medium hairy plant. Leaves with 4 to 10 pairs of oblong leaflets. Flowers, whitish with a pale lilac tinge, small 2 to 4 mm with 1 to 8 in a short raceme. Pod black, 6 to 11 mm 2 seeded and hairy, usually black.

Similar Species 

Smooth Tare is similar, but the two species can be separated with care. Smooth Tare flowers are larger and more purple in colour. See the marked diagram below for a comparison of the two species.


Dry grassy places, rough grassland, roadside verges. At the grassy area at the entrance to reserve from Anglers Car Park and throughout

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VC 63 Distribution  Please Allow Time to Load

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