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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Neolygus viridis A Mirid Bug

Neolygus viridis A  Mirid Bug

Neolygus viridis 30769

Adult: June-September

Length ~6 mm

Neolygus species are green and oval in shape, although less broad than Apolygus. The brown tibial spines arise from black spots and the 2nd antennal segment is longer than the width of the pronotum at the base.

N. viridis is distinguished from other Neolygus species by the extensive dark markings on the clavus and corium, superficially resembling Orthops campestris, which is smaller and has much shorter antennae. The 2nd antennal segment is darkened towards the tip.

A widespread and common bug throughout the UK on a range of deciduous trees, in particular lime.

Compare: N. contaminatus, N. populi

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